Saturday, February 16, 2013

What do they say about Mason?

This is what Mason's classmates had to say about him on Valentines Day...

Mason, it was so fun to read what your friends and peers thought about you.  For Valentines Day Mrs. Botonis wrote down what the kids in your class thought about you!  Seems to me they think you are GREAT at math & technology.  That's my boy!
You are truly Extraordinary!  You are smart yet humble, you are shy yet very likable, you are quiet yet you always seem to be heard.  You have been such a blessing to our family.  This year, being 8 and in 3rd grade you have blossomed into a serious computer GEEK!  You love Apple and you love to learn the history of computers.  You convinced Dad & I to let you buy a very old MAC laptop...and you love it!  You call it "Macky Macintosh", ;0)  You want to work at the Apple store when you turn 16.  Not only do you love all things computers but you are really good at it too!  You have started your very own YouTube account and have posted lots of tutorial movies about Minecraft.  Thank you for being just who you are, there is no one better at being you than YOU!  ~mom