Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Mason turns 7...

July 12th 2004 is the day that God gave our family Mason Brady Smith!  We always tease Mason that he looked kind-of like an alien when he was born (he was born a couple days early, I don't think he was cooked all the way).  But I think he is the cutest little boy now!  He has hair to die for and a smile that pulls you in, and when he does that "ahhh shucks" thing he does I could just eat him all up!! 
You see Mason is my Middle child, my snuggler, my sensitive one, my boy who loves nature and loves to be outside, he never met a bug or living creature he didn't want to keep and he is on a mission to convince me that he loves me more, haha!  Mason spends a lot of time by himself observing from a distance, he is a one friend type of kid, meaning that he is all about quality not quantity (his best friend is Griffin), he has one really good friend and that is all that is required.  Mason is NOT a dare devil, he takes his time getting use to the temperature instead of jumping right in, he is a builder and inventor, he is constantly creating things and coming up with new ideas.  Mason loves gadgets just like his Dad!  Mason looks up to his big brother and genuinely loves and and enjoys his baby sister.

This year for Mason's birthday we went to Bounce U...a big warehouse full of inflatable bounce houses and slides. We invited many friends, had cake and soda and celebrated Mason turning 7! Mason had only one item on his Birthday wish list, a new gear bike! We waited till the very end of his party, just when he thought everything was over, then we pulled out his green, brand new gear bike!  He was so excited, it was the only thing he really wanted!

Happy 7th Birthday my big boy.  We love you and are so proud of the boy you are growing up to be!


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  1. THese are darling (I love it when you blog!!) and Mason's smile with his new bike...awesome!!