Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Weekend

We started our Easter weekend off by dying easter eggs on Good Friday!  I made waffels for breakfest and then we boiled 2 1/2 dozen eggs and dyed and dyed.  It was a cold and rainy day that day so it was perfect to stay inside huddeled around the counter creating little round works of art.  Matthew even created a "watermellon egg" it was green with green stripes...looked just like a watermellon. 
Here are the boys dying the eggs...

On Saturday we had our first annual neighborhood easter egg hunt, it was so much fun but the weather was FREEZING!  Sharon brought out hot chocolate for the kids cause it was so cold.  I don't think the kids minded a bit, it was us adults that suffered.

On Easter Sunday we got up went to church and then stoped by the store on the way home.  Dave wanted a ham for Easter dinner, but I had never cooked a ham and they were a lot of money.  When I walked into Raley's I decided to just go and check them out...they were priced awesome and I thought I would surprise Dave and give it a try.  I paid $14.00 for it...and let me just say it was worth every cent of that $14.00.  My kids loved it, Dave loved it and best of all it was super easy to make!!

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  1. Cute pics, but really let's talk HAM!! I can't believe you've never cooked a ham. We love it and especially because I use if for several meals. First of all buy it at WinCo (97cents a lb.) and get the Cooks bone in ham. All you do is throw it in the oven for a few hours and then it falls apart like the yummiest roast ever. That's meal one with yummy au gratins, etc. Then I cut the rest up (food processor for easiness!) and have a bean and ham soup, fried rice, and a yummy chicken cordon bleu bake for three additional meals. I'll send you the recipes. You'll be having ham a lot more!