Friday, June 25, 2010

Sacramento Railroad Museum & Joe's Crab Shack

On Wednesday I woke up early and just wanted to do something that was all about my kids!  I really wanted a day away from the dishes and laundry and the boredom of summer break and focus just on my little ones...for I know that these days that they are little are not going to last forever.  I thought about it and decided to take the kids to the Sacramento Railroad museum and have lunch on the river at Joe's Crab Shack!  So I rushed and got in the shower before the boys got out of bed, we had a quick breakfast and headed out the door.  I left the house without even checking my email (that is huge for me!).  We strolled around the grounds of Old Sac for awhile and found this really cute store , it is a store that is all about learning and the outdoors.  They have all sorts of cool things all geared just for kids.  Mason found a super cute frog habitat (we just mailed off for some tadpoles!) and Matthew got this really cool book full of dinosaur facts and then an excavation kit to find the bones of a dinosaur and put it together.  We then went to the museum and had such a wonderful time learning and looking and playing.  It was such a treat!  After an hour or two in the museum we headed to the bank of the river for some crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack.  We sat outside and watched the boats go wasn't too hot it was just perfect!  Ah, what a beautiful day!

This is the little store I was talking about really was super cute.  The boys just loved it.  If you are down that way stop in and check it out.

Matthew is my little photographer!

Makayla was such an amazing little girl...I couldn't have created a better baby myself.  Thank you God for her, she truly is perfectly made!!

Matthew being just one month shy of 10 is really starting to act like a BIG BOY!  He is so funny, really, I mean he makes me laugh out loud sometimes and he is so much fun to hang out with.  He is just getting so mature.  Even though I miss his little baby face and remember the days that he fit in my lap I am really enjoying him at almost 10!  He is like my little buddy/helper! 

After lunch we walked around and found the old school house of Sacramento.  It was the very first single room school house in Sacramento.  Outside in the court yard they had two swings...we had to take a break and check them out!

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