Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Mason's Birthday

On July 12th Mason turned 6 years old.  How can it be?  I remember the day he was born like it was yesterday!!  Oh how I miss my little Mason, but what a cool kid he is growing up to be!  Here are a few fun facts about Mason...

1. Mason would rather be outside than in, even when it is 106 degrees!
2. Mason loves to paint and draw and would spend hours at his easel creating beautiful works of art.
3. Mason loves his kitties Shadow & Chloe!
4. Mason has a head of hair everyone would die for.
5. Mason is an expert at riding his electric scooter.

For Mason's birthday this year we had a couple of his friends over at the park, had cupcakes and snacks, Mason was able to ride his brand new green scooter that he got for his birthday.  It was really hot, so next year we are definitely having an indoor party.

Mason here you are on your 5th birthday...

And here is your 6th birthday...

Happy Birthday Mason, you are so greatly loved!

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