Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ice Skating

For the last day of summer I gave in and took the boys Ice Skating!  Matthew had gone last year on a field trip with his 4th grade class, he came home black and blue from head to toe with bruises from falling.  It seriously looked like someone took a baseball bat to his legs!  But he was positive that he was awesome at it, I took one look at the bruises and begged to differ.  "Matthew how could you be good and fall so many times that you would be so black and blue?"  He assured me that everyone falls but that the falling didn't mean that he was bad.  So I let it go...well all summer long Matthew has been begging me to take him Ice Skating again, I admit I was not up for it.  After seeing his legs the last time he went, I was secretly convinced that, he thought he was good but in fact he was awful and this trip to the ice rink would prove to be just as painful as the last.  But I gave in and we went. 

We got there and the boys got skates and headed out to the ice...I was holding my breath, I was so hoping that Matthew was right and I was wrong.
Let me just add a little side note...Matthew continually surprises me, I should have learned my lesson by now to believe him till I prove him wrong, cause so many times I have nearly fallen off my chair in awe of him.
HE WAS RIGHT...that kid was right, he was good.  He was amazing.  This was the second time on the ice and he was really good.  I was so proud of him.  He did fall, but he was a natural.  I was so proud of him, I think we may have an Ice Hockey kid on our hands!


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