Thursday, August 23, 2012

Makayla Grace got stiches...

About a week ago we were at the pool at the Club House, it was quiet, not may kids in the pool, the clouds were thick that day making it appear as though a storm was about to roll in.  We had met Jen, little Paige & Logan there.  It was the kind of day that was to warm and too cool all at the same time.  We were enjoying the little pool, Makayla was climbing out of the pool and jumping back in over and over again.  She had been watching Paige go under the water and swim and do flips.  Paige even had me staring!  She appeared to be nothing less than a fish!  I think Makayla was wanting so badly to do what Paige was doing.  All was going perfect until Makayla slipped, she was climbing out of the pool only to jump right back in when she slipped off the side and fell right on her chin on the side of the pool.  It was instant hysteria!  She was screaming and holding her chin.  It took a few minutes to convince her to lift her head and look up so I could assess the damage but when she finally did I knew that instant she was going to need stitches!  She tilted her head back and that cut opened up like the belly of a gutted fish!  We rushed home, covered the wound with a band aid and called Daddy!  We would meet him at Urgent Care in about an hour (I had to shower 1st, I know, but I really did need to shower really quick) I was not about to do our 1st ever stitches visit by myself.  I think that was the only funny thing about this story... 1st child, boy, no broken bones or stitches, 2nd child, boy, no broken bones or stitches, 3rd child, girl, before she turned 3 had to have stitches!  I laugh every time I think about it!  Makayla was such a trooper getting those three stitches in her chin, she cried and screamed but she was super still and didn't move a muscle.  They told us to come back in 7-10 days to remove them, but I have a medical background, so Dr. Mommy removed them last night after the bath!

I am happy to report Makayla's chin is healing nicely!  I am sure she will carry the scar for the rest of her life, thank goodness it is under her chin! 

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