Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The $5 shoot

It has turned into a bartering game...me begging...them saying "NO"...me finally giving up and asking the obvious question "what will it cost me for 30 minutes of shooting time?"  Today the answer was $5!  I'll take it!  Thirty minutes for $5, WHAT A BARGAIN!  After all, my favorite subjects are my children. 

On this day I was just a Mom...with a camera...capturing his uniqueness...exploring his vulnerability...seeking his raw expressions...and loving every bit of him!  He is shy and reserved, he doesn't say much, he is sensitive, emotional, observant and curious.  He is creative and tanatious and he loves to cuddle.  He is MINE...half me and half Dave, so uniquely created and perposley made.  Thank you Mason, for giving me the opportunity to peek into your soul, you are PERFECT at being YOU!  ~mom

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  1. You didn't tell me you blogged today?!?! LOVE these, love that you are a MOM! You're the best!