Saturday, April 28, 2012

Fara turns 35!!

I wish I had some amazing wisdom to write down, a life lesson to share or a recap of some amazing journey that I experienced in my 34th year...I don't.  But I did want to write down how amazing I felt on my 35th birthday.  It was spent doing exactly what I wanted to do.  The weather was PERFECT and the company was amazing!  Priscilla, Char (military family that moved in right across the street into Alex's old house just a month prior) and I went to Old Sacramento, took the kids to the Railroad museum and then had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack!  We sat outside right on the river for lunch and let the sun warm our faces while we stuffed our mouths with a bucket of sea food!  What more could I ask for?  It was PERFECT!

For my birthday Dave got me an iPad!  So super excited!  What an amazing day spent with amazing people to create some amazing memories!  How very blessed I am!  ~fara

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