Sunday, January 23, 2011

Halloween 2010

I don't know why but I don't like Halloween.  I like fairytales and happy endings.  Halloween is just way too dark and spooky for me, but every year I try really hard to at least put up with it for the kids.  This year, not unlike most every other year we waited way to long to get costumes.  When we finally went looking everything was pretty much picked through.  After several stops and a melting down 1 year old we finally found the boys costumes at Target.  Mason found a Vampire costume that he liked and Matthew found this really cool Cowboy costume.  They were cute...if you like Halloween.  No, they were cute.  Makayla got to wear Kallie's costume from last year...a monkey!  It was super cute with a big bow on it's ear.  I am so thankful for any hand-me down I can get my hands on.  I had big plans to get some really awesome pictures of the kids all dressed up...that didn't happen.  I managed to get one!  I guess one is better than none!  So here they are, all dressed up...

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