Friday, February 11, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

Growing up we would spend every Thanksgiving with my Dad and his side of the family...Uncle Gary (my Dad's brother), Aunt Jane and my cousins Amy, Adam and Audrey.  That was just what we did.  It was nice to have a tradition, something to look forward to every year, it was the same but different and it was nice to not have to plan what to do or where to go or who is going to cook the bird.  Well now that I am an adult with my own family Thanksgiving has been quite different.  I miss the sameness (is that a word) of Thanksgiving, the part about Thanksgiving that you could count on.  Call me crazy but I miss the days when the tradition was set and we knew what we were doing and were we were going and who was going to be there.  Add getting married and kids to the mix, with two sides of family or three if there is a divorce and you got yourself a different Thanksgiving.  Not bad, but not the same either.  I have to admit I love being the one sitting on the couch playing the family games while someone else is in the kitchen doing all the hard work.  I LOVE enjoying the yumminess of someone else's labor.  Is that bad?  Or is it me just not wanting to grow up and take on the role of Mom.  It just seems like for the amount of time, preparation and effort a Thanksgiving meal takes it sure is over rather fast.  But this year like last year I did take on the role and I cooked a yummy Thanksgiving meal for my family and my Dad.  Even though it was only the five of us, it was cozy and quiet and the turkey was delicious.  I don't think I will ever get use to the idea of taking on the role of Mom and all that that in tales.  But I am learning.

I promised myself to get some pictures from that day...but that I failed at.  I didn't get a ONE!  But I will next can count on it!


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  1. Thanksgiving is going to be at our house this year. So you won't have to cook... much. We do a pot luck style. Dad always brings crab dip, mome usually makes a spinach dip, Jason's parents do something, his brothers and my sister bring a dish and finally Jason and I do the turkey, yams and spuds. Uncle Mike has to come, too. More info to come later. This will be the first year we'll need a kids table. :)

    ~Amy (I didn't have the other accounts)