Sunday, February 20, 2011


"Necessity is the mother of invention", how many times have you heard that saying?  Well we proved it true the day that Makayla lost her one and only blanket.  Now, let me just preface this story with a little history of this particular blanket...

When I found out that I was pregnant with Matthew I was so excited, I purchased way too many blankets, read way too many books, and filled my head with way too many preconceived ideas... opinion, persuasion, sentiment, thought, view, an opinion formed beforehand without adequate evidence.  I just thought that since I was a child who loved her blanket my children would be born loving their very own blanket, something that would comfort them, something that would always be there to dry their tears and listen when they had something they needed to say but no one in the world would listen. 

Matthew was born and I offered him the sweetest little blanket in the whole world to act as his security blanket.  It wasn't just any blanket it was the perfect size, the perfect color (cream), and made of just the right fabric...silky satin on one side and super soft and cuddly on the other.  The border was made of the satin backing and it had a little piece of ribbon fastened to the center.  Needless to say he wanted nothing to do with that perfect little blanket, he was born a child who didn't need one.  He was perfectly content with his binky and flickies (he would flick your finger nails, I know weird).  He was different than me, he was his own little person and I imagined him for nine months being someone he wasn't.  I kept that little blanket in his crib for the longest time with the hope that one day he would pick it up and find comfort in it, but that day never came.

I never gave up on that little blanket, I tucked it away and saved it for the day that another child came to our family, I would then try again in the hopes that this perfect little blanket would someday be loved and needed.

Four years later Mason was born and I dug out the little blanket but it was the same story all over again.  Mason didn't need a blanket either.  I again left the perfect little blanket in his crib for a long time hoping that a day would come that he would find security in it and it would become all his own.  Nope, didn't happen, so again I tucked it away and saved it yet again.  I still had not lost hope in this perfect little blanket. 

It wasn't until Makayla was born that this little blanket found someone to love it and cuddle it and hold it tight.  Makayla fell in love with this little blanket.  She would sleep with it and rub it's soft silky back and border.  I was so excited, that blanket wasn't meant for Matthew or Mason it was meant for Makayla all along.  It wasn't long before that incident happened that I feared most of all, we lost the little blanket.  How in the world would Makayla fall asleep at night without it, and how would I replace it?  I had already been on the hunt for another one and couldn't find one the same anywhere.  Remember, this blanket was now 10 years old.  That brings us to our little saying "necessity is the mother of invention", if I couldn't buy her another blanket I would have to make her one.  And that is exactly what I did.  I took a deep breath and I did it!

These pictures are not of the original hand made perfect little blanket that I made for Makayla, but this is the latest one...I think I have made 7.  All the ones previous to this were an exact copy of the one she lost (that we eventually found).  This is the fist pink one and she just loves it.

Here is what I started with...

And here it is, all done with Makayla holding it!  Did I mention she LOVES it!!



I am now selling these PERFECT LITTLE BLANKETS on Etsy!  Here is a link...

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  1. Why oh why can't I write like you? You got the best from our so cute!

    Sister T