Thursday, March 25, 2010

Christmas 2009

Christmas seemed to creep up on me this year...maybe it was the birth of Makayla, maybe it was that I waited to do the shopping or maybe it was that after deciding to NOT do all the regular Christmas traditions I then decide I would do them. Then I got caught up in the whole Christmas hustle and bustle of running here and there, baking, wrapping, and while doing all that trying to enjoy and breathe in every moment of my new little girl (who by the way is getting so BIG).

We had decided to let the kids wake up on Christmas day at our house and then pack up the car and head to Fresno to be with Dave's side of the family. The kids weren't to excited about leaving shortly after opening all their gifts, but the idea of seeing their cousins made the trip all the more bearable. No one in Fresno had seen Makayla yet and Papa had someone he wanted us to meet. His Lady friend Norma who he had asked to marry him! She said yes! But we had never met her. There was lots of catching up that needed to be done.

Long story short Mason woke up Christmas day with a 103 temperature and Makayla had a cold and eye infection. We came really close to canceling the trip (who wants to travel with 2 sick kids). But as the morning progressed Mason pulled it together and we went. I am so glad we did. The kids had a blast with their cousins and the family got to meet the one and only Granddaughter and we got to meet Norma our new Grandma! We are so excited for Papa, can't wait to have Norma join our family!

Mason and Matthew made out like bandits, and I got some cool stuff this year too. Santa sure was good to us this year! Matthew scored a skate board, a few Wii games, a scope for his bebe gun...Mason got a new bike, the magic 8 ball that he couldn't live without, Glow boy (night light), oh...and they both scored lots and lots of money. I got just what I asked for this year, a toaster over, an iPod nano, and a Costco and Sam's Club membership! Dave didn't do to bad either with cologne, jeans, a new zip-up hoodie, and best of all pictures of his family framed for his desk at work. Makayla got lots of little things that really matter to a 2 month old, Binky's, teether's, bath toys, tummy time mat and toys that make lots of noise just to name a few.

Do you ever sit back and observe your life and think to yourself... "How did I get so extremely blessed, with such an amazing life and family to share it with?" Well that is the thought that raced through my head this year at Christmas. I may not be rich, I will not go down in History for doing something Grand and hey I may not even be remembered in a couple generations but, today, I am living a BLESSED LIFE...and for that I am truly GRATEFUL! What more could we pray for.

Thank you to everyone who sent gifts to my made their Christmas a little brighter! Until next time, ~fara

Pictures to come as soon as they are uploaded to the computer...I wish I had some amazing excuse as to why they aren't uploaded yet...but I don't! Don't worry this post will be edited to include them shortly!!

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