Friday, March 26, 2010

Mason & his love of art!

Mason has always loved to draw, paint and create things.  He could spend hours in the back yard building something or createing something new.  About a month ago he brought home a bunch of papers from school and among them was this one...
I could not get over how cute the little dog was...the brown and black color and look at his little paws!  Mason you are 5 and yet sometimes your imagination is so much bigger than 5.  I hope you never loose your creativity and I hope you always dream in color.  I have forgotten some of the cutest things that have come out of your mouth because I failed to write them down...but today I make this promise...whenever you or Matthew or Makayla say or do something that knocks my socks off I am going to write it down so that one day when you are all grown up I will be able to look back and "remember the little things!" 


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