Thursday, March 25, 2010

It has been way too long...

This month a very special friend has prompted me to get back to blogging! I am on a mission to keep my family blog up to date with the Smith family happenings so that I can create a beautiful Blurb book of our family in a year or so. I am going to have to back track a couple months as it is December of 2009 and I can't leave the birth of our little girl out of the book. I really want to start there.

We are getting ready for Christmas...the anticipation is growing by the day. The boys are so very excited for Christmas and we all know that Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year. It just doesn't seem the same this year though...I think it is the birth of Makayla that has thrown me all off. I didn't do Halloween (woke up from a nap that day with a bad case of Masstitis) and Thanksgiving came way too fast. I am hoping in the days to come I will begin to feel the full force of the Christmas spirit.

Well it is off to bed for now. I can't stay up much past the kids bed time these days. I am going to post my favorite picture of the year though...taken by my dearest friend Alex Frankel for our Christmas cards...the joys of my kids!!

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